Building Concrete Protection

Your building is exposed; it's just hard to see

Buildings located in close proximity to the beach or salt water are at a high risk of corrosion. Salt in the atmosphere gradually permeates the concrete resulting in corrosion of the steel rebar and continual problems for owners/operators.

Extremities, such as balconies and catwalks, are most exposed to the elements, and are therefore more susceptible to aggressive corrosion. Often, traditional repairs are made proving costly and repetitive, whilst causing great inconvenience to residents.

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Common Concrete Repairs for Buildings 

Paint & Touch Up

Maintenance often includes repainting and small concrete touch-ups. Stucco can also be applied to the concrete to address aesthetic issues. These solutions only address aesthetics and can mask the condition of your balcony/catwalk.

Patch & Fill

Smaller areas of damaged concrete will need to be patched or filled with new concrete. The mixing of new and old concrete leads to a process known as "ring corrosion". While the new concrete is healthy, accelerated corrosion occurs in the surrounding, old concrete.

Repair & Replace

When the quantities to be repaired are large, it may make sense to replace sizeable areas of concrete. Corrosion can still continue in areas where the new concrete meets the old concrete, sometimes affecting interior living space.

Full Replacement

If corrosion is left unaddressed, the structural integrity of your building may be affected.  Local authorities may “tag” the structure as unfit for safe use or occupation. This leaves owners with huge and immediate repair bills.

Are you reaching into your wallet to pay for repairs? Are repairs becoming more and more frequent? If so, you’re probably dealing with corrosion of the reinforcement and all the problems that come with that. At NoCo we want you to be able to break the repair cycle using smart, carefully vetted technology.

NoCo Solutions: A Better Approach

The traditional repair cycle can be a nightmare for owners. Constant repairs, escalating costs, and sudden assessments are commonplace for coastal buildings. These repairs are needed more frequently over time, because they do not address corrosion.

70% of traditional concrete repairs deteriorate within 10 years. 90% deteriorate after 25 years. This inefficiency shows the failure to address the cause of the problem.  At NoCo, we take a proactive approach to concrete health by addressing the root issue: corrosion. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to actively protect your building and maintain asset value.

  • Identify & understand the problem
  • Protect against assessments and condemnation
  • Avoid shutdowns/closure
  • Active, cloud-based corrosion mitigation

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