Marine Concrete Protection

Marine Concrete is at risk of corrosion: Protect it

Corrosion most commonly occurs when salt permeates through the concrete and reaches the reinforcing steel. Once chlorides reach the steel, the process of corrosion begins, and expansive oxides form on the surface of the steel. This puts tensile stress on the surrounding concrete, resulting in cracks, spalls, and delaminations.

Marine structures are especially susceptible to this due to salt-water exposure and the wet/dry cycle. This environment provides all the elements needed for aggressive corrosion.

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Common Repairs made to Marine Concrete

Paint & Touch-Up

Simply painting or covering unsightly rust spots or cracks. These often appear on pilasters and the seawall cap. This short-term approach solves immediate aesthetics but nothing else.

Patch & Fill

As rust spots and cracks become more severe, paint & touch-up is no longer an option. Epoxy fillers are often used to fill cracks, whilst larger spalls, and delaminations are frequently repaired with new concrete patches. Neither method of repair addresses corrosion.

Repair & Replace

If certain elements of the seawall are deemed structurally deficient, replacement may be required. In this instance, severely damaged concrete is removed, and repairs are made with new concrete. This costly cycle will continue until full replacement is needed.

Full Replacement

If the majority of the seawall is structurally compromised complete replacement might be necessary. This is extremely costly, requiring extensive permitting and major disruption.

While these repairs are commonplace in marine environments, they are not effective. Once the reinforcing steel is contaminated with chlorides the only way to stop corrosion is with cathodic protection or complete replacement. NoCo will properly diagnose the problems our clients are facing, and provide state-of-the-art solutions to combat corrosion.

NoCo Solutions: A Better Approach

The most important step in maximizing the life of concrete is developing an understanding of the risks it faces, and how to appropriately address them. Corrosion is the number 1 cause of concrete deterioration, and the traditional repair cycle is a reactive approach that does not address corrosion.

NoCo takes a proactive approach towards protecting your concrete through our various corrosion protection technologies and systems. We provide cost effective solutions to protect against concrete’s biggest threat.

  • Identify and understand the problem
  • Avoid closures/loss of revenue
  • Long-term asset protection
  • Cost savings
  • Active, cloud-based corrosion mitigation

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