Camur II TM

August 20, 2018
steel bridge beams, landscape format

Camur IITM is a modular and scalable power supply system working in conjunction with ZebraTM and CassetteTM cathodic protection systems for reinforced concrete structures. Camur IITM uses a bus and node design minimizing cable runs and complex networked cathodic protection power supply systems while providing high accuracy and reliability for power delivery, monitoring and control. Camur IITM supplies power to one or many independent cathodic protection zones and is capable of monitoring many sensors in each zone. A variety of sensing capabilities are available, from corrosion potential and rates to concrete temperature and humidity.

Camur IITM is the brain of the cathodic protection system, giving designers and operators of these systems the flexibility to design one or multiple independent cathodic protection zones and the ability to operate and monitor performance of these systems remotely. Camur IITM can be set up to perform monitoring on- line, automatically perform depolarizations and collect information, including current, voltage, and sensor data. Camur IITM can save the data locally in the controller or in cloud based remote server on line for easy retrieval and analysis. Camur IITM provides added reliability by advising operators when there are any deviations from pre-established operating parameters. These alarms can be set up to be communicated via email, text, or any other on-line method of communication.