AMP-UPTM 100 Self-Healing Primer

Materials Performance "Corrosion Innovation of The Year Award" for Coatings and Linings at the 2019 NACE Conference!

AMP-UP TM 100 is a single component, self-healing, hybrid epoxy primer designed for use on a range of substrates such as steel, aluminum and concrete. AMP-UP TM 100 utilizes patented self-healing technology that helps maintain adhesion, prevents creep, and extends coating service life without manual intervention (available with a range of topcoats).

AMP-UP Your Coating

Coating systems are often subject to harsh ambient conditions and experience damage during their lifetime. Once a coating is damaged, environmental elements and contaminants ingress at the spot of damage, leading to accelerated coating deterioration, loss of adhesion, and corrosion of the substrate.

AMP-UPTM 100 Self-Healing Primer was specifically designed to minimize these effects by using patented microcapsule technology to maximize service life, performance, and respond to coating damage without intervention.

  • Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award (Coatings/Linings 2019)
  • Patented self-healing technology
  • Warrantied Performance
  • Environmentally friendly (Low VOC)
  • Single component for easier application
  • Quick dry time - faster installation
  • Responds to damage without manual intervention

In the event of damage, microcapsules within the primer are broken, releasing a healing agent that polymerizes at the spot of damage. This autonomous process offers immediate response and protection, mitigates corrosion, and maximizes coating performance (extending coating service life by up to 400%).

In addition to the self-healing benefits, AMP-UP TM 100 offers owners and installers many other environmental, financial, and application-based advantages. With approved AMP-UPTM  100 topcoats, owners can have confidence in the performance of the coating system, backed by performance warranties.     

Manufactured in the USA by Autonomic Materials Inc.


Resin Type Water-based Epoxy Amine Adduct
Pigment Type Metal Oxides (Varies with color)
Solvents Water
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 47 g/L
Recommended DFT 1.5 - 2.5 mils
Dry Time (Tack Free) 1 - 2 Hours
Dry Time (Handle) 2 - 4 Hours
Dry Time (Recoat) 1 - 3 Hours

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AMP-UP™ 100 Low VOC Self-Healing Hybrid Epoxy Primer Datasheet Download

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