Introducing AMP-UPTM RB - A New Generation of Rebar Coating

AMP-UP TM RB is a single component, self-healing, hybrid epoxy coating designed and optimized to protect reinforcing & structural steel before, during, and after application of concrete. AMP-UPTM RB offers contractors increased ease of application, scheduling flexibility, and drastically extended repair open times (up to 180 days*). 

No more measuring, mixing, and carefully planning open times. AMP-UP TM RB offers unrivaled flexibility for the installing contractor, while surpassing performance requirements for the engineers. AMP-UP TM RB's distinct pink color allows for easy identification of coated areas. 

AMP-UP TM RB - The smarter way to coat rebar. 


*For optimal performance prep surface to SSPC SP-3 or SP-6. 2 coats AMP-UP RB at recommended WFT. 

AMP-UPTM RB – High Performance, Easier Application, Extended Repair Open Times

Coating rebar for corrosion protection is common practice in the concrete repair & restoration process. Most products require mixing & measuring of multiple components and give contractors a very small window to apply the repair mortar after the rebar has been coated. 

AMP-UPTM RB offers contractors & engineers the best of both worlds: higher performing corrosion protection & easier application. AMP-UPTM RB is one component, low VOC rebar coating that gives contractors the flexibility to extend open times on repairs (up to 180 days!*).  Using its patented self-healing technology, AMP-UPTM RB responds to any physical damage during the repair open time without the need for manual intervention or touchups. AMP-UPTM RB makes coating & protecting rebar simple for everyone involved, it’s an easy choice. 

*For optimal performance prep surface to SSPC SP-3 or SP-6. 2 coats AMP-UP RB at recommended WFT. 

  • One component - No mixing ratios
  • Pink Color - Easy identification of coated steel
  • Extended repair open time – Up to 180 days!*
  • Excellent adhesion (meets ASTM D7913 standard)
  • Increased pot life
  • Quick dry time
  • Patented self-healing technology
  • Environmentally friendly (Low VOC)

In the event of damage, microcapsules within the coating are broken, releasing a healing agent that polymerizes at the spot of damage. This autonomous process offers immediate response and protection, mitigates corrosion, and maximizes the coating performance.  

In addition to the self-healing benefits, AMP-UPTM RB has excellent adhesion to both rebar and concrete. Rebar coated AMP-UPTM RB meets the ASTM D7913 standard for rebar pull off adhesion, providing 99.8% of the adhesion measured to bare rebar. AMP-UPTM RB combines high performance corrosion protection, excellent adhesion, and easier application to deliver everything that is needed from a rebar coating.

Manufactured in the USA by Autonomic Materials Inc.


Resin Type Water-based Epoxy Amine Adduct
Pigment Type Metal Oxides (Varies with color)
Solvents Water
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 47 g/L
Recommended DFT 2.0 - 3.0 mils
Dry Time (Tack Free) 0.5 - 1 Hours
Dry Time (Handle) 2 - 4 Hours
Dry Time (Recoat) 1 - 3 Hours
Rebar Pull-Off Adhesion ASTM D7913 - 99% of Bare Rebar Adhesion
Rebar Coverage (at rec. DFT) 1,200 LF of #5 Rebar

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