Camur II

Cathodic Protection Power & Monitoring System

Camur II is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based control and monitoring system for cathodic protection. The system offers users the ability to remotely access system information, make adjustments, and obtain real-time readings on system performance. Camur II can be designed for any size monitoring need and the system is fully scalable to accommodate growing monitoring/system needs. Additional components are easily added via plug and play, offering designers maximum versatility. Monitor and control from anywhere in the world!

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Monitoring structures can be done for a variety of reasons and is a valuable way to get information and data over a period of time. It is becoming increasingly popular as part of preventative maintenance and service life extension plans on critical structures. Data collected, stored, and analyzed can help owners and engineers make informed decisions about both the current and future condition of the structure.

Camur II was specifically developed for monitoring potentially corroding steel and control of cathodic protection systems in concrete; however, this system is extremely versatile and can easily adapt to monitor other conditions.

  • Corrosion Rate
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Resistance
  • Current
  • Deformation/movement
  • Crack Growth 

Advantages with Camur II Monitoring

Monitoring and control are essential elements of effective corrosion mitigation. Camur II offers users permanent monitoring, control, and access to system performance anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection.

Manufactured in Norway by Protector AS:

  • Digital signal transfer protects the integrity of measured signals (immune to electromagnetic noise)
  • BUS cable drastically reduces the amount of cable used compared to a centralized monitoring system
  • Galvanic separation between the analogue and digital side of the node ensures accurate readings/data collection
  • Each node/sensor gets an ID and can be given a specific name
  • Each node has its own microprocessor
  • Camur II is scalable, from small systems with few and simple measurements to advanced - Camur II is adaptable to fit demanding requirements to the exact


Data Acquisition & Monitoring Camur II Controller
Power Supply FixVolt1, FixVolt3, FixVolt8
Measurement Nodes P4, P+T
Data/Signal Transmission Bus Cable, Bus Interface

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