Surface Mounted MMO Ti ICCP System

CASSETTETM is an award-winning, patented ICCP system that uses one or two MMO coated titanium ribbon anodes encapsulated between a GRP profile and a mineral wool contact felt. The CASSETTETM is anchored on the concrete, compressing the contact felt into the surface. Once connected to a power supply, current is discharged from the ribbon through the felt and concrete where it is picked up by the rebar thereby eliminating future corrosion.

The CASSETTETM system is a state-of-the-art solution for ICCP in humid environments. CASSETTETM anodes can be spaced further apart than typically seen in traditional embedded ribbon systems. Because the anode is not encapsulated inside the concrete, there is no risk of acidification. As a result, the anode can be operated at a higher output level than traditional embedded ribbons.

Surface Mounted for Better Results

Installation of an embedded ribbon ICCP system is a laborious affair; shorts, grouting issues, and contractor errors can occur, causing long-term issues with the system. CASSETTETM makes the installation process easy. By mounting the anode on the surface of the concrete, CASSETTETM is able to be installed much easier and quicker, saving both time and money. The only condition governing the use of CASSETTETM is that a sufficient moisture level is present (RH 50%) to ensure conductivity.

Manufactured in Norway by Protector AS:

  • Applications Include: Marinas, bridges, balconies, pools
  • Surface Mounted – save time & money, eliminate errors
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Cloud-Based Operation/Monitoring
  • Extensive Service Life: 25+ years


Length 6.5 ft (2m)
Width 4.1" (105mm)
Primary Anode MMO coated Ti
Secondary Anode Mineral Contact Felt
Max Current 5.28 mA/m
Resistance 0.235 Ω/m

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