PatchGuardTM Galvanic Anodes

Corrosion of the reinforcing steel is the #1 cause of concrete damage, but it is often overlooked when making local patch repairs. PatchGuardTM galvanic anodes are designed to extend the life of patch repairs by providing cathodic protection to the steel in the most vulnerable area surrounding a new concrete patch. When electrically connected to the steel PatchGuardTM forms a galvanic cell and preferentially corrodes/consumes, while offering cathodic protection to the steel reinforcement.

Rather than the traditional approach of attaching galvanic anodes to exposed steel in the patch repair, PatchGuardTM anodes are located within the surrounding, sound concrete. Protective current is delivered directly to the steel outside the patch repair - which is at greatest corrosion risk. As PatchGuardTM is positioned within the host concrete; there is no compromise in the quality of the concrete repair material.

Targeted Protection

70% of repairs deteriorate within 10 years. Why? The answer is simple. These repairs do not address the underlying problem: corrosion. PatchGuardTM is a cost-effective way to proactively address corrosion and extend the life of the repairs being made. PatchGuardTM galvanic anodes can provide effective corrosion protection for up to 20 years with no monitoring or operation required.

Manufactured in the UK by CPT:

  • Applications include - balcony & building envelope, parking garages, seawalls & docks, bridges & more
  • Fit & Forget – no ongoing operation/maintenance cost
  • No compromise in quality of repair mortar
  • Up to 20 years of protection
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • PatchGuardTM Connect – anodes can be connected in a series of zones for extended protection & monitoring


PatchGuardTM 175 - Diameter ¾"
PatchGuardTM 175 - Length 1.5"
PatchGuardTM 175 - Zinc Weight 65g
PatchGuardTM 350 - Diameter ¾"
PatchGuardTM 350 - Length 3"
PatchGuardTM 350 - Zinc Weight 120g
PatchGuardTM 400 - Diameter ¾"
PatchGuardTM 400 - Length 3.75"
PatchGuardTM 400 - Zinc Weight 160g
PatchGuardTM 500 - Diameter ¾"
PatchGuardTM 500 - Length 4.5"
PatchGuardTM 500 - Zinc Weight 180g

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