ZEBRATM Conductive Paint

Conductive Paint ICCP Anode

ZEBRATM is an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system that uses a patented mineral-based, conductive paint as the anode. Electrical current is delivered to the conductive paint using a network of Power Delivery Ribbons (PDR). The ZEBRATM anode is applied directly to the concrete by roller, brush or spray, and can be coated with a variety of traffic-bearing membranes or paints to meet aesthetic needs. The system is powered using our cloud-based control and monitoring system, Camur IITM.

ZEBRATM bonds to the substrate like no other conductive paint anode. This attribute allows the system to be operated with greater control and flexibility, and hugely reduces the risk of adhesive failure, a common problem among conductive paint anodes. Furthermore, ZEBRATM is traffic-bearing, allowing for installation on parking garage decks as well as other high traffic areas. 

Conductive Paint You Can Trust

ZEBRATM is the gold standard for conductive paint ICCP systems. The minimally invasive nature of the installation allows owners to maintain the aesthetics of the structure, while providing essential corrosion protection for years to come. Contact us to find out more about if ZEBRATM is the right fit for your corrosion protection needs.

Manufactured in Norway by Protector AS: https://www.protector.no/en/company.html

  • Applications Include – parking garages, balconies, swimming pools
  • Mineral Based – unparalleled bond strength
  • Aesthetics – ZEBRATM is “invisible” once installation is complete.
  • Perfect Power Distribution
  • Service Life: 20+ years


Part A 7.3 kg
Part B 2.7 kg
No. of Layers 1
Solid Content 41% by weight
Adhesion Strength 350+ psi
Dry Layer Thickness 0.15 mm

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