Santa Maria Upgrades to AMP-UP RB


Miami, FL

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NoCo noticed that incumbent, cementitious rebar coatings had too many downfalls. Multiple component products that require mixing in the field. Very limited time from application to concrete pour. Poor corrosion protection after just a few days exposure. These factors all contribute to an overall underperfomance with regards to ease of application and corrosion protection. AMP-UPTM RB solves all of these issues. Specifically formulated for application on rebar during restoration, AMP-UPTM RB is a single component, low VOC corrosion inhibitor coating. With an extended open time of up to 180 days and superior corrosion protection, AMP-UPTM RB is a no-brainer for engineers and contractors looking to save time & money on installation, while not compromising performance and corrosion resistance of the coating. 

The application in the photos below is from Santa Maria, Brickell. The Spa Tank Collection Room was constantly circulating chlorinated gas and as such, the rebar was corroding. AMP-UPTM RB was applied to the exposed bar during repairs, and will be used in conjunction with an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system after repairs are complete. 


Many corrosion inhibitors require the concrete to be poured within ~7 days after application. This causes scheduling issues and can require blasting and re-coating of the bar to meet the specification. AMP-UPTM RB has an open window of up to 180 days, providing installers with unparalleled flexibility on application. In addition to this, AMP-UPTM RB is a water-based, 1 component product that saves contractors the time and hassle of mixing, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly (Low VOC <47g/L).

For coating rebar during the restoration process, there is simply nothing like AMP-UPTM RB. Ask us about AMP-UPTM RB for more info.