Giving The Silver Jubilee Bridge New Life


Runcorn, England

installation year



Chris Atkins, Mott McDonald


Balvac - Balfour Beatty

jubilee bridge

The Problem

The Silver Jubilee Bridge was completed in the early 1960s, and today it is part of a major highway system in North West England, carrying over 90,000 cars per day. The bridge is an essential part of the local neighborhood, doubling as both a major highway link, and a site of historical interest, making this a critical transportation structure. Over time, various elements of the bridge suffered from corrosion damage, and various corrosion protection measures were put into place to try to correct this.

In 2008, the last element that needed protection was the bridge deck. The deck was heavily contaminated from chlorides, and the bridge presented a host of installation challenges.

The Solution

After months of research, the engineers settled on the CASSETTE™ impressed current cathodic protection system. CASSETTE™ provided the perfect solution to all the engineers problems:  it is lightweight, easy to install, discrete, and most importantly, minimally invasive. In 2008, a 12-month trial performed as designed, and by December 2010 the entire bridge deck was protected with CASSETTE™ technology. The system is still fully functional today.