Opal Towers Chooses ZEBRA Technology


Hillsboro Beach, Florida

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Durability, Inc. - Jorge Costa, PE.


Metro Calking & Waterproofing

The Problem

Opal Towers Condominium was battling aggresssive corrosion in their beachfront balconies. Multiple concrete restorations had been performed over the years, with high levels of disruption and great financial cost. The previous restorations did not include adequate corrosion protection and Opal started spiraling into the expensive "repair cycle." 

ZEBRATM Is The Perfect Choice

Opal decided that cathodic protection would be the best way to protect their beautiful beachfront balconies for the long-term. Upon consultation with the board, our ZEBRATM anode conductive paint ICCP system was chosen as the best solution for Opal Towers.

Owners wanted a minimally invasive installation and fully discrete system in order to maintain aestehtics of the building. The ICCP system is powered and monitored by our Camur IITM components and can be remotely monitored and operated from anywhere in the world. 

The ZEBRATM system installation at Opal Towers was completed in June 2020.