Pennsylvania Place Parking Garage


Harrisburg, PA

installation year



Durability Inc & O’Donnell & Naccarato


Concrete Protection & Restoration (CPR)

The parking garage at Pennsylvania Place was in need of repair and restoration. Parking garages located in northern cities are often exposed to aggressive environments for concrete corrosion. De-icing salts and water (or snow) from the surrounding streets are brought into the garage from regular traffic and use. Consistent exposure leads to corrosion of the reinforcing steel and accelerated corrosion surrounding repairs, if corrosion is left unaddressed.

Pennsylvania Place chose to implement corrosion mitigation to ensure that the repairs being made would have the maximum service life and a long-term solution for corrosion mitigation. A PatchGuard Connect system was designed for the critical structural beam elements, including monitoring locations. PatchGuard 175 & PatchGuard 350 anodes were incorporated to repairs on the slab of the 2nd and 3rd levels. PatchGuard offers designers and users the flexibility to target corrosion outside of repairs or critical elements while having no limitations or restrictions on repair mortar being used.