Self-Healing Coating for Structural Steel – Nautilus by Arlo


Miami Beach, FL

installation year





Bianchi Painting, Inc.

Nautilus by Arlo, located on beautiful Miami Beach, was dealing with corrosion of the structural steel supporting the AC cooling towers. The hotel was repeatedly re-coating the structure with little success. The engineer was alerted to AMP-UPTM coating systems, powered by the AMP-UPTM 100 Self-Healing Hybrid Epoxy Primer, and decided that it would be the ideal solution to combat the ongoing corrosion problem. 

A trial installation area was selected to see how the coating performed over a period. ASTM D3359 Adhesion Tape Tests were completed and once it was determined that the coating was meeting criteria, the rest of the structure was prepared to SP3 and coated in 2 coats of AMP-UPTM 100 Self-Healing Primer and a coat of AMP-UPTM Urethane topcoat.  

The AMP-UPTM system provides our clients with a tough, durable coating to stand up to the aggressive environment surrounding the cooling towers. Patented self-healing technology gives the coating system the unique ability to respond to damage without intervention, maximizing adhesion and performance.