Villa Plati Railings Get Self-Healing Coating


Palm Beach, FL

installation year



Autonomic Materials, Inc.


Jamie Coat

Villa Plati, located on beautiful Palm Beach Island, was experiencing coating failure on their aluminum railings. The salty, coastal environment along with aggressive Florida sun had caused the previous coating to chip, peel and flake, leaving the railings looking worn and aged. The condo was looking for a paint system to provide long-term aesthetics and protection to the aluminum railings. Enter AMP-UP 100 Self-Healing Primer and AMP-UP Urethane topcoat - a premium, self-healing coating system that will allow Villa Plati to increase the service life of their railings, while reducing future maintenance and re-coating projects. 

AMP-UP 100 Self-Healing Primer contains patented microcapsules that rupture when damage occurs to the coating, releasing corrosion inhibitors and polymers to promote adhesion to the substrate. This powerful technology responds to damage without the need for human intervention and results in coating service life increases of up to 400%. 

NoCo partnered with Autonomic Materials, the manufacturer of the coating system, to provide a specification for the project and color match the topcoat to the condo's requirements. Surface prep was performed to remove existing paint, and the coating was applied to the railings using a HVLP spray gun over the course of the several week project.