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NoCo Stops Corrosion. You Start Saving.

The direct cost of corrosion in the USA is estimated at $276B per year. NoCo's technologies directly target the root cause of the problem, saving owners significant money over the service life of their concrete or metallic structures.

damaged concrete wall with exposed rebar

Corrosion is the #1 Cause of Concrete Damage

Corrosion of reinforcement is the single biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy structure. If corrosion is left unaddressed, the problem grows in scale and frequency over time. NoCo has state-of-the-art solutions to put a stop to corrosion and start saving.

Protect Your Steel Assets with Self-Healing Technology

Corrosion of metallic assets not only looks unsightly, but can compromise the safety of the structure. NoCo's patented self-healing paints can extend service life up to 400%.

Corrosion is a naturally occurring process, but it can be controlled, or even stopped.

Understanding how corrosion attacks a building's structural integrity and the risks of inaction is a critical component to ensure long-lasting structures. Learn more about how corrosion works and what NoCo's early detection, solutions, and prevention could mean for you.

  • Innovative Technology
  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Data Driven Solutions
  • Protection of Concrete & Metallic Assets


Residential Structures

Corrosion can devastate waterfront condos, leading to costly repairs for property owners. Chlorides (salts) in air can accelerate corrosion on salt spray-exposed areas, damaging the concrete and causing costly restoration projects.

Learn more about Residential Structures

Parking Structures

Corrosion in parking structure foundations can be hidden, leading to weakened cement particles from chloride attack caused by deicing salts over time.

Learn more about Parking Structures

Elevated Swimming Pools

Swimming pools contain a variety of chemicals that have deleterious effects on the concrete and reinforcing steel. NoCo can help mitigate corrosion in these structures.

Learn more about Elevated Swimming Pools

Bridges & Tunnels

Corrosion is difficult to see until it's too late, especially on structures with heavy and frequent traffic. Bridges and tunnels regularly exposed to deicing salts have a higher risk of weakened cement particles from chloride attack.

Learn more about Bridges & Tunnels


Corrosion has been known to devastate industrial buildings because of the large amount of exposed concrete. Contaminants in the air can accelerate natural aging and deterioration, leading to costly repairs for property owners.

Learn more about Industrial


Marine structures like docks, piers, bridges, and offshore platforms are constantly exposed to damaging salt water, which accelerate the corrosion process. Proper monitoring, maintenance, and treatment is essential to keep them safe and performing as they should.

Learn more about Marine

Food Processing Facilities

As with any building with large amounts of exposed concrete, food processing plants are often the victims of unseen corrosion damage. Chlorine in the air can accelerate natural aging and deterioration, leading to costly repairs for property owners.

Learn more about Food Processing Facilities


Waterparks provide endless fun for guests, but often exist in highly corrosive environments. An abundance of moisture/humidity along with a plentiful supply of chemicals used in pool maintenance can lead to a costly corrosion cycle. NoCo helps waterparks protect against corrosion, keeping the park safer and in good aesthetic condition.

Learn more about Waterparks


Closing down for repairs is a nightmare for commercial buildings. NoCo has the solutions to stop corrosion eating away at profits.

Learn more about Commercial

Learn more about our corrosion protection technologies.

Corrosion Condition Assesment

The traditional repair cycle can be a nightmare for owners. Constant repairs, escalating costs, and sudden assessments are commonplace for coastal buildings. These repairs are needed more frequently over time, because they do not address corrosion.

70% of traditional concrete repairs deteriorate within 10 years. 90% deteriorate after 25 years. This inefficiency shows the failure to address the cause of the problem.  At NoCo, we take a proactive approach to concrete health by addressing the root issue: corrosion. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to actively protect your building and maintain asset value.