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Bridges & Tunnels

Keeping our infrastructure in good health is essential for both productivity and safety. NoCo's solutions identify, monitor, and protect against corrosion to keep these vital structures in working order.

Effective Corrosion Protection for Bridges & Tunnels

Protecting our bridges and tunnels from corrosion is a crucial factor in maintaining safe structures, and also ensuring efficient travel/movement for those that use the structures. Approximately 36% of the USA's 620,000 bridges are in need of major repair or replacement, as a result, it is becoming more and more important to protect these structures and extend their service life. Chlorides are often in plentiful supply, from environmental exposure or de-icing salts, leaving bridges and tunnels at an increased risk of corrosion damage. It is essential to understand the corrosion activity occuring to avoid closures and mitigate the chances of a larger scale disaster. 

The construction designs of bridges and tunnels means that they face some unique challenges as it relates to controlling or arresting corrosion. Our corrosion protection technolgoies have been installed on hundreds of bridges around the globe. From cloud-based corrosion monitoring systems, to galvanic and impressed current CP technolgoies, NoCo has the right solution for every structure. Contact NoCo to learn more about how our team of experts can help identify the perfect corrosion protection solution for bridges and tunnels. 

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