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Accepting corrosion as a part of coastal living isn't the only option. NoCo targets corrosion directly, helping owners mitigate the problem, reduce future repairs, and save money.

Mitigate Corrosion. Maintain Safety. Save Money. It's that Simple.

Oceanfront condominiums boast stunning views and a prime location, but the harsh marine environment can pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of concrete structures. Chlorides (salts) in the air penetrate into the concrete and start to catalyze the corrosion reaction on the surface of the reinforcing steel. As the corrosion process continues it consumes the reinforcing steel, weakening the structure and leading to unsightly rust spots, cracks, and spalls. Once corrosion starts within a structure, it will continue unless appropriate measures are taken to actively address it. This causes owners to fall into the dreaded "Repair Cycle" where restoration projects increase in scope and frequency over time. 

For years, corrosion damage has been an accepted fact of life for oceanfront properties: damage, restoration, repeat. At NoCo, we can help you break this repair cycle. 

NoCo's portfolio of corrosion protection technologies target corrosion directly, and can prove to be a tremendous return on investment for owners. By mitigating/arresting the corrosion process, NoCo can help you target the root cause of so many concrete issues and greatly reduce future repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

70% of concrete repairs fail within 10 years, and the #1 cause of failure is corrosion of the reinforcement. By proactively targeting the root cause of the problem (corrosion) instead of reacting to the symptoms (cracks, spalls), we can help condo owners get ahead of the issue, and greatly reduce future repairs. This not only leads to significant financial savings over the life of the building, but also makes the building safer, proividing peace of mind to residents that corrosion is being addressed. 

Concrete is like a hard sponge, it absorbs particles from its surrounding environment. Reinforcing steel is well-protected in the high pH of fresh concrete, but over time this environment can change, primarily due to the following 2 factors.

1: Chlorides (salts) available in the atmosphere in coastal locations, or from de-icing procedures in colder climates, penetrate into the conctrete and attack the passive oxide layer on the surface of the reinforcing steel. Once this passive layer is compromised, the chlorides catalyze the corrosion reactions, leading to accelerated corrosion damage. 

2: Carbonation is the reduction in pH of the concrete environment surrounding the reinforcing steel. Carbon dioxide available from the atmosphere reacts with water present in the concrete to form carbonic acid. Once the pH decreases, the passive oxide layer protecting the steel is compromised and the corrosion process begins. 

Absolutely! At NoCo, we understand that every property is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, budgets, and requirements when it comes to corrosion protection. We carry a variety of technologies aimed at protecting everything from a small concrete repair, to holistic protection of an entire structure. 

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