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Corrosion In Industrial Facilities

Corrosion can wreak havoc on industrial facilities. Repairs are not just an expensive disruption, but the loss of revenue from shutting down operations can be catastrophic for operators.

Reduce Corrosion to Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Corrosion in industrial facilities presents a huge problem for operators and managers. Restoration and repair is a lengthy and expensive process in its own right, however industrial facilities face an additional challenge when dealing with corrosion; shutdowns. Having to turn off machinery, or close off an area to workers, results in a loss of output and revenue for the company, compounding the problem further. It is therefore essential to identify, monitor, and protect against corrosion in these facilities. 

NoCo works with industrial facilites to identify the root cause of the corrosion issue, and implement appropriate technologies to mitigate the effects. Whether it is reinforced concrete, or atmospherically exposed steel structures, NoCo has the solutions to extend service life and reduce operational downtime in the future. Our work with our industrial clients ranges from corrosion protection in small repairs, to holistic protection of entire facilites over many years. We recommend performing a Corrosion Assessment as an effective way to understand the scale and scope of the corrosion, before putting together a step-by-step plan to combat the problem.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help control the corrosion in your industrial facility. 

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