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Corrosion Condition Assessment

Corrosion Is The Hidden threat

NoCo's Corrosion Condition Assessment shows corrosion activity in your structure, even before signs of damage appear

Understand Your Building Better

NoCo offers corrosion condition assessments as part of our corrosion protection solutions. Using ASTM testing protocols, we are able to show the corrosion activity on the steel reinforcing in your building, allowing owners to "see the unseen" and best plan for future restoration and implementation of corrosion protection. 

  • ASTM Testing Standards
  • Data Driven
  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Half-Cell Potential Mapping
  • Chloride & Carbonation Testing
  • Resistivity Testing
  • Reduce Required Reserves (Condos) 

As with the health of the human body, early detection of corrosion is crucial in keeping ongoing maintenance costs as low as possible. With NoCo's condition assessments, owners are able to truly understand the scale and scope of the corrosion issue they face, and plan accordingly. 

Little to No Corrosion Activity
Moderate Corrosion Activity
Aggressive Corrosion Activity

See The Unseen

Corrosion Condition Assessments are a great way for owners and operators to get a better understanding of the corrosion activity in their building. The end result of corrosion is cracks, delaminations, and spalls, but the corrosion activity occurs long before damage arises. By performing a condition assessment, we can provide owners with real-time data on the state of their structure, allowing them to make informed decisions on the direction of restoration projects. 

Investing in a corrosion assessment can help tremendously with maintenance planning and restoration for your building. Having real-time data allows owners to truly inuderstand the scale and scope of the corrosion problem they are facing. A building could be showing little signs of damage, but corrosion activity could still be high. In these instances, we are able to give owners a glimpse into what they should expect for the future and plan accordingly. 

  • Real-Time Data
  • ASTM Testing Protocols
  • See The Unseen
  • Plan Smarter
  • Reduce Reserve Requirements
  • Select Corrosion Protection
  • Visual Representation of Problem
  • Early Detection Is Key

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Get Ahead of the Problem and Find Out The State of Corrosion in Your Structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing varies depending on the size and scale of the survey performed. Please contact NoCo for pricing info. 

  • "See The Unseen" - Half-Cell Potential Maps are a powerful way for everyone to easily understand how bad the problem is.
  • Keep Your Structure Safe - Corrosion can have devastating consequences if left unaddressed. Knowing the extent of the problem is essential to keeping the building in good structural health. 
  • Reduce Ongoing Maintenance - After performing a survey and implementing appropriate corrosion protection, ongoing maintenance costs will decrease greatly.
  • Real-Time Data - corrosion assessments produce data to show the issue, as opposed to an opinion based on experience.
  • Corrosion Today = Damage Tomorrow - Just becuase there's no damage today doesn't mean there won't be tomorrow. 

Our Corrosion Assessments usually take 1-5 days dependent on scale & scope

NoCo will produce a report showing the data collected and stating our findings. If the client elects for a full condition assessment, this will include our NACE/AMPP Certified Corrosion Specialist providing insight into the findings of our report and providing opinion on the best course of action moving forward. 

The condition assessment does not include any corrosion protection, it is intended to understand the extent of the corrision issue. After completion, NoCo can recommend the most appropriate solution to mitigate corrosion in your building.