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Elevated Swimming Pools

Swimming pools contain chemicals that can accelerate corrosion and cause repeated damage. NoCo's technologies put a stop to the problem.

Innovative Solutions for Swimming Pools

Elevated swimming pools present ideal conditions to facilitate corrosion; high moisture levels, plentiful supply of corrosive contaminants, and environmental exposure. This can lead to many corrosion-related problems that deteriorate the concrete affect the structural integrity of the pool shell. 

Restoration or replacement of elevated pools is an expensive and time consuming process that can leave owners without use of their pool for extended periods of time. NoCo specializes in protecting reinforced concrete pools from corrosion. Our technologies can significantly extend the service life of the structure and greatly reduce the life cycle cost of maintaining the pool. 

Whether it be galvanic anodes for small repairs, or a holistic cathodic protection system for the entire pool, NoCo is here to help. 

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Elevated Swimming Pools

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corrosion is the gradual degradation of materials, typically metals, due to chemical reactions with the environment. It's a concern because it can weaken structures, reduce their lifespan, and lead to safety hazards. NoCo specializes in identifying and addressing corrosion issues to ensure the integrity and longevity of your assets.

A corrosion assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the extent of corrosion damage to metal elements in your structures and building surfaces. In areas with high humidity and direct saltwater exposure are prevalent, corrosion can be a serious issue. It's crucial because it helps identify potential structural weaknesses early, preventing costly repairs and ensuring the longevity of your property. NoCo's proprietary corrosion assessment uses advanced heat mapping technology to find corrosion damage deep below the surface, where most corrosion inspections are going to focus almost entirely on external signs of damage. 

Signs of corrosion damage include rust formation, discolored or blistering paint, pitting, or visible deterioration of metal components. However, corrosion may also occur internally, making our comprehensive corrosion condition assessment essential to detect hidden issues before they have time to do permanent damage or put your residents at risk.

Preventing corrosion, particularly in properties near the ocean, involves proactive measures such as applying anti-corrosion coatings, using corrosion-resistant materials, maintaining proper ventilation, and implementing cathodic protection systems. NoCo can provide customized corrosion prevention solutions tailored to your specific needs and using our variety of proprietary products that will help keep your building safe from corrosion damage.

NoCo serves a wide range of industries, including residential condominiums, parking structures, sea walls, industrial buildings, elevated pools, and more. Our corrosion experts have extensive experience in various environments, from offshore rigs to sprawling industrial plants, ensuring we are able to tackle corrosion challenges in any setting.

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